Clear Your Mind,
Calm Your Heart

I hold private, 1-on-1 sessions
for people like you who need answers
to your decisions and life direction.

Perhaps you can relate with one of these situations:

Torn between Choices

You feel so TORN in choosing what is best for your life versus considering and prioritizing other people’s needs.

Uneasy on
Recent Decisions

You are still UNEASY about the impact of the decision you have made just recently. (Or maybe those in the past)

Confused and Clouded

You get deeply CONFUSED, clouded or troubled emotionally and mentally in doing the right action, step, or solution.

Stuck and Clueless

You are STUCK and clueless on something important and you need some guidance, direction, or structure on what and how to do it.

Buts, Ifs,
and Shoulds

You want to say yes to something exciting and life-changing, but you are held back by a lot of BUTs, IFs, and SHOULDs.

If these situations happen to you, I can give you the help you need to clear your mind and calm your heart.

I use a 3,500 year-old system called I CHING (also spelled YIJING) to answer your most challenging inquiries, dilemmas, and concerns.

“(I Ching) is appropriate only for thoughtful and reflective people who like to think about what they do and what happens to them…”

Carl Jung, the great Swiss psychologist who practiced Yijing for almost 40 years.

Why try this session?

⁕ Because you want to resolve this problem and take the necessary action with CLARITY and CONFIDENCE

⁕ Because you want CLEAR and EXACT answer to your inquiry, and Yijing reveals what you need

⁕ Because you want to have more private time discussing and exploring the MEANING and DETAILS in your reading

⁕ Because you want to be LISTENED TO without judgment and FEEL SAFE as you share your story, your process, and things that matter to you.

“…I don’t throw I Ching often but when I do I’m serious. But this was too much to comprehend. Rem interpreted it so beautiful [with] length and poetry. It really made the whole query open up to the most noble way forth. 10 stars!”

Courtney Love, American musician, guitarist, and lead singer of Hole

What happens in a Yijing Decision Clinic session?

Step 1: Inquire

Get calm and relaxed as you open your mind and heart in clarifying your question

Step 2: Cast

Randomly generate the exact insight (2 out of 4,096 insights) you need using a simple and easy method   

Step 3: Read

Learn the specific texts and symbols revealed exactly by the randomly generated insight used in your reading   

Step 4: Interpret

Unpack the hidden meanings and images by applying principles drawn from cosmos and nature   

Step 5: Feedback

Process those meanings, symbols, and images by discovering their uncanny connection as answers to your inquiry   

What kind of session do you need?


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Chat exchange
1 priority question
up to 15 reading insights
via email or chat messaging (Messenger or WhatsApp)

PHP 1,498
USD 35*



1 priority question
1 follow-up question
1 extra question
up to 20 reading insights
via Zoom or In-Person*

PHP 2,498
USD 65*


2 priority questions
2 follow-up questions
2 extra questions
up to 25 reading insights
via Zoom or In-Person*

PHP 4,498
USD 95*



short Yijing intro
maximum of 15 participants
quick readings
via Zoom or In-Person*

PHP 22,998
USD 598*


Yijing intro and exercises
maximum of 15 participants
detailed readings
via Zoom or In-Person*

PHP 44,998
USD 1170*

*Additional transportation cost for In-person sessions
*rates in USD for international clients only

Priority questions receive extremely detailed reading elements, which may take 40 minutes to 1 hour reading time. Follow-up and extra questions receive quick and short readings, which only takes less than 10 minutes.

Who is your Yijing reader
and session coach/facilitator?

About Rem

My name is Rem Tanauan, and I am a decision-making coach. I have been practicing Yijing for 6 years now, using it to help friends and clients solve their toughest life situations, decisions, and choices by helping them find the clarity they need.

I have self-studied Yijing since 2015, and I took up Yijing Foundation Course and Reading for Others under Yìjing teacher Hilary Barrett of Online Clarity. I have also completed 3 Yijing workshops – Power of Hexagrams, Mystery of the Text, and Heluo Lishu (Life Hexagrams) from independent Yijing scholar and researcher Harmen Mesker.

I am also a writer, poet, translator, and teacher, as well as an interfaith worker and a Ginhawa or well-being facilitator. All these backgrounds have shaped my Yijing practice.

Recently, I was accepted as a participant scholar in Sinological Development Charitable Foundation or SDCF 7th Greater China Summer Workshop Program in Chinese Studies, a virtual study program based in Hong Kong.

I have estimated that I have done over 4,000 readings in the last 6 years.

Not yet ready to do a session with me?
That’s OK. I’m happy to give you a free ONE-SENTENCE reading.