Hi, Rem here.

We might have met before, but maybe you haven’t heard about me reading the I Ching. I got my first I Ching book back in 2007. I tried reading it and learned tossing coins. But the I Ching didn’t make sense. It took me 9 years before I studied it thoroughly, and along the way, I’ve realized how the I Ching has spoken accurately and profoundly.

I’d say learning the I Ching for me has been quite unconventional. I’m a word intuitive – I see how words animate with insight – as if they’re text twisting, blinking, connecting, mutating, transmuting before my eyes. These are the ways they speak to me a new message, a timely warning, an answered prayer, or an amazing idea. I discovered this gift 8 years ago, not knowing that it would be a crucial faculty for me to comprehend the I Ching.

One translator said the I Ching is an imaginal language, just as Chinese language is imaginal in nature. What does imaginal mean? An example of this is dreams – giving infinite possible meanings of a particular symbol to the dreamer. So a word can conjure up new images and associative meanings. For example, in Chinese language the word for fish is associated with their word for abundance, simply because they have almost the same sound.

I have a deep, intuitive, imaginal relationship with words. I write. I worked as a writer. I read a lot. I write poetry and prayer poetry. I also translate (English to Filipino and back – I love both languages). I have been exploring so many subjects, most of them are humanities – subjects that make humans human; all of them have enabled me to view the world from different angles. I’m a trained GINHAWA facilitator – that’s why I integrate the goal of well-being in my work. I taught ESL (English as Second Language) for almost 10 years. I’ve also explored, self-studied and taught Love. I’m an interspiritual, which means I look and appreciate the core of all faiths, as well as their perennially shared views and concepts, and try to incorporate them in my understanding and practice.

In short, my rich journey with words, teaching, facilitation, and spirituality has been serving me well in my journey with the I Ching. And I continue to do so, in my intense self-study, readings, plus my Reading for Others sessions with I Ching teacher Hilary Barrett.

I read the I Ching for others. I’ve given readings for more than 100 people since the time I seriously studied it in late 2015. The first 9 years after my introduction to the I Ching were a long training on intuition, spirituality, and creative thinking, until finally I discovered how the I Ching revealed itself to me magically.

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In case you’ve reached this site through a tip or an introduction from a friend, please tell him/her I’m deeply grateful. Being here means that somethings calls you to try the I Ching (even if you haven’t yet heard about it), or that you are compelled to try it on your own. Check reading services and find out what suits you. Let’s be in touch. Just leave me a message here.