Under Reading Process/In-Depth Reading

  • yes and No Aspects
  • Energy Analysis: shows the spiritual or energy flow crucial in understanding your situation
  • 8 Hexagrams: define later after studying


General substantial documentation of reading contents

In-depth deep and guided reflection for each contents. use of methods such as drawing and world intuition.

New Page: Learning (Title Learning Sessions)

  • I Ching Basics: facts and knowledge about I Ching (Group or 1-on-1)
  • I Ching Basic Reading practice: includes I Ching basic,
  • I Ching Advance Reading Practice: sessions on I Ching Basics, I Ching Advance, I Ching Skills, Practical Intuition, Chinese and Correlative Thinking, Eastern Thought, Word Intuition, Imagery and Imagination, Symbols and Symbolism, Metaphors and Similes, Poetry, Storytelling, Interspirituality,
  • Group Workshop

    • ideal for beginners
    • workshop and personalized quick readings for groups of 10 or more
    • for group meetings, seminars, brainstorm sessions
    • takes 2.5 to 3 hours
    • basic I Ching intro
    • group reading instruction
    • basic reading contents
    • arranged schedule
    • PhP 600 per person, minimum of 10 pax


  • Can I bring a friend with me in a reading session?
  • Should I use old Chinese coins? see LINK Method
  • Can I use online I Ching instead?
  • Can I do I Ching on my own?


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    • How I got into I Ching
    • My background and training
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