Direct benefits

If you seriously seek the I Ching it will:

  • Confirm exactly what you think and feel about the situation
  • Show you the big picture and little details that you might have missed (or denied)
  • Show you the causes and effects of your entire situation
  • Clear up doubts and ambiguities as you understand your situation
  • Provide you the guidance informed by both logic and intuition
  • Guide you in taking any relevant course of action
  • Develop a new way of seeing or perspective
  • Align you to solution-oriented thinking
  • Heighten your intuition as an important skill in decision-making
  • Expand your creativity and resourcefulness in responding to your situation

Note that in my experience of reading for others, they get these benefits even without revealing their questions.

A Valuable Step

If you are making a decision, I Ching is a valuable step before you:

  • Start or end a particular life situation
  • Set your personal goals
  • Make important and right choices
  • Take bold steps without hesitation
  • Find target solutions for long-standing problems
  • Act at the right time
  • Solve internal dilemmas that bother you
  • Deal with very difficult people or conflicts

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