Before the 30-minute Reading Session

Hello, KaTaginting! Rem here. Sharing you a few guidelines
before we do our 30-minute Yijing Life guidance session,
which is included in your Taginting VIP package.


✔️ Ask ONE Question only
You can chat me your question before or during the session. If it needs more clarification, I might ask you to tell me a quick background story or a brief description of your situation.

✔️ or just ONE Life Area
You can also choose NOT to reveal your question or story behind it. Instead, you can mention a LIFE AREA (commonly: health, wealth, love and career). You don’t have to give any personal details. After all, Yijing still reveals accurate answers even without specific questions.

✔️ For extra questions or follow-up
If before or during the session you feel you want to go deeper on your question, or you have follow-up questions in mind to ask, you can choose to upgrade into full session (30-min to 2-hr session) by paying only PhP3,000* (30-min session’s original rate is 1,688, while 2-hr session is PhP3,500**)

*PhP3100 (that’s additional 100 Pesos to cover for PayPal payments fees and conversion rates)
**I give you a PhP500 gratitude discount for your participation in Taginting.

Step 2: CAST

✔️ Randomize via Yijing online software
I will quickly generate your random reading via a Yijing randomizer in website, which I often use in my readings. This makes our reading a quick process, yet nothing is rushed. I can later send you the link so you can review the symbols and texts in your reading.

✔️ If upgraded to full session
I will do our first major reading using the ancient coin method, so you can see the analog process of randomly generating hexagrams. This is a good introduction for you to get to know Yijing as a modality.

Step 3: READ

✔️ Symbols used
I will briefly explain the significance of randomly generated symbols we use in your reading: trigram (3-line symbol) and hexagram (6-line symbol). Remember, what we get for your reading is 1 out of 4,096 combinations.

✔️ Yijing 101
To help us save time in our session, I encourage you to watch first this video on the basics of Yijing so you can get enough understanding on how the system works.


✔️ 3 points
Using Yijing’s 3,500 year-old text and symbols, I will synergize your reading insights into 3 points: situation, challenge and action. This helps you understand the answers you need for your inquiry. Here’s a short intro on how these 3 points reveal answers.

✔️ If upgraded into full session
You can experience the full session, where I can show you the full details of the symbols and text, covering all specific details on how Yijing accurately reveals the answers to your inquiry. We will also include Time Sequence (Hindsight and Foresight on your reading) and Yinyang Strategies (Practical and psychological strategies to your inquiry)

✔️ Inside a fully detailed reading session
I invite you to read this 3-part article series I wrote in my blog where I detailed the process on how I do full session readings. You can also watch this FB live session on the actual full session.


✔️ Clarify and Process
I will help you clarify and process your reading so you can better integrate them with your insights, and see its relevance in your inquiry. This helps you removing all dilemma and confusion, and achieve utmost clarity.

✔️ Takeaway for the full session
If you choose the full session, we can have more time to process feedback and clarification (since 30-min session is too limited). Also, I can send you your reading notes, and you can choose also to record the session via Zoom for your future review.

Thank you so much, my friend. See you in our session. Let’s begin.