Before the Session


✔️ Clarify your main question
I will help you clarify your main question out of many entangled questions you have on your decision. Once we clarify, I will do a very detailed reading for your main question.

✔️ Ask follow-up questions
Once the main question is clear, it may lead us to a new set of follow-up questions to further clarify your decision. I will do a series of quick readings for any follow-up you may need to support your main insight.

✔️ Bonus: extra/unrelated question
You might recall a question not related to your main question. If we still have enough session time, I’d be happy to do some quick readings for them.

Step 2:

✔️ 4-step Well-being meditation
As we begin, I will guide you through a 4-step Well-being meditation: stillness, silence, breathing and gratitude. When you are calm and centered, it is much easier to understand your reading.

✔️ Surrender and openness
Before we do the casting, it is crucial that you come from a place of surrender, of no expectation. Opening your heart and mind to this process is a huge factor in getting the answers you need.

✔️ Randomizing methods
I often use 2 randomizing methods. The ancient method is using 3 coins, which I’ll do if it is your first time to do Yijing. And I also use a software called The Resonance Journal, designed by my teacher Hilary Barrett.

Step 3:

✔️ Trigrams and Hexagrams
These are the symbols we get randomly for your reading. A trigram is a 3-line symbol, and a hexagram is a 6-line symbol. I will digitally visualize these symbols for you and send you a copy for your personal review.

✔️ Reading Elements
These Yiijng reading elements reveal your inner state, your outer situation, stages of change, the big picture, your wise action, psychological/practical strategies, and hindsights/foresights.

✔️ Ancient text
Yijing is an ancient text of stories, poetry, and mythical legends. I always use good English translations to do proper interpretation of the exact text randomly revealed in your reading


✔️ Unpacking the text and symbols
Revealed insights can come in 2 forms. Through exact text, which can be literal and straightforward; And through associated symbols, which are more visual and implied. We will synthesize and synergize them.

✔️ Sudden or slow process
Sudden process means you get your answers right away. Slow process means we need to dig deeper through meaningful conversation. They both happen in any readings, and I am here to guide you through it.

✔️ Word Intuition approach
As a word intuitive, my gift is to enter beyond the function of words, and understand what they can reveal more. In this approach, I will guide you in getting into the deep layers of meanings of words in your reading.


✔️ Share your feelings and thoughts
Sharing can help you clear and sort out your feelings and thoughts. Don’t worry, your sharing is safe, private and confidential. And I am all ears to guide you in this process.

✔️ Clarifying unclear parts
Feel free to honestly point out the unclear parts of your reading. My objective is to help you clarify those parts, so we can better integrate them in your decision-making.

✔️ Written feedback later
After our session, I’d like to request your honest feedback and review of your session experience. This will help me greatly improve my future sessions and services.

Thank you so much, my friend. See you in the session!