Here are some of the questions people commonly ask me about the I Ching:

Q: Can I choose not to reveal my question? 

A: Of course. I always ask permission of my clients if they want to tell their questions or not. Though it would really be helpful if you let me know it, so I can help you shape your true question. (see Asking Your Questions). Don’t worry – I keep and forget secrets. (And as a Ginhawa facilitator,  my commitment to you is your well-being) After all, you’re gonna keep your written question and your reading with you. If in case you don’t want to reveal your question, I’ll still guide you on how to ask it.

Q: Does the I Ching answer yes/no questions? 

A: Well, it answers beyond yes and no. And that depends how you ask your question. In my practice, more often than not, the I Ching answers even those questions you are yet to ask. My theory is that, because a question is a link (often unnoticeable) to your other questions, you’ll eventually realize that the I Ching sufficiently responds even to a single question. This is how the I Ching answers more than yes/no. You’ll know this by the time you finish your reading.

Q: Should I use Chinese coins? 

A: Using a set of Chinese coins sounds nostalgic, but it’s not really necessary. Any coins will do (better if they are all identical). Here’s a more detailed way to prepare your coins.

Q: Is it OK to use an online I Ching app?

A: Yes, that’s OK. In fact, using one can be your good introduction. I’m not a purist on I Ching (there are yarrow stick users who detest using coins). However, I feel that whenever I use the coins, it feels more realistic. It’s the difference when you read an e-book and a physical book.

Q: Can I do I Ching on my own? 

A: Definitely. In fact, you can easily learn it – it’s very simple. I think unlike other divination systems, the I Ching is something anyone with the right intention can do, even if you’re just beginning. And you don’t have to spend anything for a reader like me. You’ll learn to navigate the I Ching along the way. But in case it all sounds alien and outrageous to you and you badly want to figure it out, I can help you on that. Message me and let’s talk.

Q: Why do you charge premium rates on I Ching readings? 

A: I Ching reading is a highly creative and intuitive work. I’m faithful that my work is unique, and very specialized. My background as a facilitator, teacher, writer, artist, bibliophile, conversationalist, intuitive, poet and interfaith advocate all contribute greatly to the unique service I give as a I Ching reader. And I really spend a great deal of time, focus and careful attention on every reading, especially the general and in-depth ones. That’s why you’ll notice how the rates jump high from the basic readings, which serves as an introduction for the curious, so you’ll get to peek how deep the rabbit hole of the I Ching is. Again, you can choose to read the I Ching on your own, but if you find my work interesting, I can help you out.

Q: What’s the difference between the I Ching and Tarot?

A:  I can’t tell much about Tarot, but I’ve had readings with amazing Tarot reader-friends, and I find my readings insightful and relevant in my life, just the same way I Ching is to me. I don’t think one is better than the other. After all, they are all tools to access deeper levels of intuitive wisdom. The only striking difference to me is in fact documentation. It’s inherent in the I Ching’s method to record the readings – recording the hexagram you get after tossing your coins. And by recording I mean writing down even a single hexagram only, and that alone would catapult you to a world of insights.

Q: What if I can’t understand what the I Ching text says?

A: Don’t worry. It sometimes happens. In fact, I asked the I Ching myself about the cryptic message and I got Hexagram 17, which says – “when the night comes, the wise person enters the house to rest and recover.” To me, it literally means “when cryptic message comes, go inside your heart to meditate.” So you need sometime to really ponder your message deeply. Yes, it may take time, but interestingly, you enter a moment of deep contemplation, allowing the right insight to emerge. By the time you know it, you’ll have the aha!

Q: What if there’s a personal bias in your interpretation?

A: I’ve read I Ching to complete strangers, those whom I’ve met for the first time, and even if they don’t reveal their questions to me, the I Ching still speaks to them – bull’s eye insights. My personal bias, I think, is my style of interpreting, how I understand the symbols, and how I explain their representations to the seeker. How these symbols create a constellation of insights in the mind/heart of the seeker is how exactly the magic happens (and beyond my psychological control). My job is to help the seeker navigate the symbols, and see how these symbols resonate with them. I NEVER tell seekers: “This is what I think it means for you…” What I tell them is: “This is how the symbols say. Does that ring any meaning to you?”

Do you still have questions in mind? Please don’t hesitate to ask. Message me here. I’ll reply to you ASAP. Ready for a reading? Choose a reading service here.