Learning the I Ching is very easy. You just have to learn how to do the basic method and simple instructions to find the right hexagram. All you need is a translated I Ching text, a pen, a paper (or  journal to continue to write and take notes about your reading, and 3 coins.

Here are the following links that discuss in detail the procedures on how to consult and read the I Ching:

  • Asking your question: learn about what kinds of question to ask (and not to ask), how to ask them, and how to write down your question.
  • Coin method: learn about the ancient coin method, how it differs from other methods, and how to choose and prepare your coins
  • Casting instruction: learn the basics of casting or tossing your coins, understanding and recording the coin patterns, as well as some grounding techniques to set the tone of the reading.
  • Reading and Interpretation: learn some components of reading the I Ching text, and my personal, as well as technical approach to interpretation.
  • Reading services: here you can choose which reading service will suit your needs.