Methods available

The most traditional method is the use of 50 yarrow sticks, harvested from the yarrow plant (Achillea millefolium). The next method, the most popular in the West, is the coin method, said to originate from the Tang Dynasty (618-907). For modern practitioners, they have devised a wide range of methods – dice, carved sticks, beads.

I use the coin method in my practice, mostly because for its simplicity and accessibility, which makes it easier for people to source out coins, use them and remember the method.

Preparing your Coins

You’ll need 3 identical coins. Local peso coins will do, but I often suggest to use foreign coins to easily identify them (a practical reason). Some people would fancy for Chinese coins – the one with a square hole. Symbolically, the round shape of the coin is the universe, and the square shape is earth. It’s OK to have one but not strictly required. Any coin will do. (My personal coins are a set of commemorative 10-peso coins).

To prepare your coins, you can choose to clean them first by soaking them on a solution of vinegar and salt for 15 minutes, then lightly brushing them with soap and water. Then rinse them with a solution of water and salt to clean any residue of unseen energy due to its monetary use. Dry the coins and put them on a nice purse so you know where to get and use them in your next reading.

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