Fundamental Purpose

While the use and benefits of I Ching can be different depending on who reads it, I think we can summarize the fundamental purpose of the I Ching: to listen to and understand the wisdom of change; and to harmonize with the Tao.

Understanding Change

Change is undeniably the very nature of life itself. Opposites are at work in life, and everything that exists moves in cycles. The I Ching continues to show us this universal and irrefutable truth. Regardless of our beliefs and differences, we cannot deny change. All kids grow up. Seeds grow from the ground. Everyone was born and will die someday. To deeply understand this truth (and not just knowing them as facts) help us also to understand what it means to be alive.

Harmonizing with the Tao

Ultimately, all change come from the unchanging, unspeakable truth, known to the Chinese as the Tao, or the Way. The Tao, the inexplicable mystery that governs all things, is always in a state of balance. As human beings, we often do not notice when we make extreme choices and decisions, which in turn creates imbalance, and therefore disharmony as a consequence. The I Ching is a tool to help us recognize these blind spots, a reality check for us to keep being in harmony with the Tao.

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