Another crucial role of the reader is to guide you in the reading process. The I Ching is a complex intuitive system of text, symbols, stories, and images with multilayered meanings, and to read them on your own at first would be daunting and puzzling. I can help you the way a local tour guide helps a tourist find his/her way in an unfamiliar place.

Basic Reading Summary 

I use Tiger, Tail, and Treading, inspired by Hexagram 10, in basic readings.

  • Tiger means the overall situation or big picture
  • Tail means the seeker’s focus or attitude, as well as the challenge
  • Treading means the crucial steps or actions to take.

Advance Reading Contents

Below is a helpful outline of what you are getting from a typical advance reading. Here you can have an overview of why and how a reading can provide accurate and precise message in response to your inquiry. Each item corresponds to a technical I Ching detail that I explain during a reading session.

The I Ching reveals details even if you don’t reveal the details of your situation.

  • Overall picture of the your situation
  • The many faces of your situation
  • General details surrounding your situation
  • Wise, harmonious actions to take 
  • Stages of how and why your situation changes
  • Core motivation of your situation 
  • Critical mentality on how you must understand those changes 
  • The supporting picture or turn out of your situation
  • What goes inside you and what goes around you, and how they interact and influence each other
  • The benefits/risk, blessings/warnings that you must perceive in your situation
  • Your blind spot in your situation – what you have denied, neglected or avoided that needed your attention
  • Timeline of your situation: where it started, and what comes next 
  • Drastic/sudden transformation or the situational flip side 
  • A symbolic snapshot of your situation
  • Hidden events that support or turn around situational change
  • Strategies in addressing your situation 
  • Steps of how to enhance your decision-making and manifest change
  • The unseen and spiritual influences of your situation 

Approach to Reading Process

As a trained facilitator, I design and integrate useful methods for reading processes. Individual and group Reading sessions include basic breathing meditation, journal writing, and brief storytelling to engage the seeker in the process. But I approach In-depth reading sessions with more detailed methods of gathering insights, as well as contemplation and self-exploration methods.

Approaches to Interpretation

In my practice, reading the I Ching’s message requires 4 approaches – all of which I apply both in basic and advance readings:

Textual Approach is based on reading the text itself, and how the message is revealed through it.

  • Textual-Literal: reading the text strikes exact literal message that responds to your situation.
  • Textual-Implied: reading between the lines of the text, what is being said in the text that has crucial meaning.

Oracular Approach is based on listening to the images and symbols, often inspired by the text, but sometimes independent of it.  

  • Oracular-Symbolic: listening to most symbols present in the text, and how they are associated or related with other universal or specific symbols outside the I Ching.
  • Oracular-Intuitive: here comes my gift as an intuitive, as I listen to the evolving insights sparked by the I Ching text, a kind of leap from the usual ancient textual meanings and the commentaries many translators provide.

Seeker’s Guidance 

As a reader, I guide the seeker in discovering the most meaningful and interconnected insights in every reading. To facilitate this, I prepare the seeker’s attention by instructing the following guidance :

  • Mountain tree: the insight that grows at the peak of the most difficult challenge, rising quietly and steadily. (inspired by Hexagram 53)
  • Breeze rustling through leaves: the insight that whispers gently in the calm movement of the mind. (inspired by Hexagram 57)
  • Strong man, little child: the insight that comes stronger against a mix of details (inspired by Hexagram 17)
  • Resting indoors when the night comes: the insight that arises at the moment of meditating a cryptic message (inspired by Hexagram 17)
  • Discussing and practicing with friends: the insight that comes during reflective conversation between the reader and the seeker (inspired by Hexagram 58)

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