What can you expect from a Yijing Reading Session?

Here’s a summary of what happens in a Yijing Reading Session:

How a Yijing Session Flows

Learn the entire flow of a 1-hour or 2-hour Yijing Reading Session. This post discusses the 5 detailed steps to guide you in the process.

Here’s how you prepare before a Yijing Reading Session:

Questions You Can Ask

Here’s why you need to ask and consult Yijing on questions that matter to you. This is a detailed look on that I call the inquiry process.

Steps to Write My Question

You can easily follow and learn these 3 steps on how to write down your question for Yijing. A well-written question helps you to get a clearer reading.

Here’s what you get from a Yijing Reading Session:

Parts of Your Reading

Here’s a list of the parts that will appear in your Yijing reading. It includes ancient texts, lines, and symbols that reveal essential meanings when interpreted correctly.