I Ching never fails to fascinate me, even as I have done so many readings for myself and for others. It has continued to reveal new insights that enrich my practice, and the gift of blessings to people and friends who have received a reading. Below is a short elaboration of the many benefits I Ching provides:

3 common uses

I Ching primarily has 3 uses: practical decision-making, self-reflection and self-awareness, and philosophical study.

1. Practical decision-making

If you are making major life decisions, that may involve life direction and great responsibility, I Ching can help you clear up confusion by showing a clear picture of the situation, precise course of action, right attitude and mindset to adapt, and the possible scenario and consequences.

You can ask questions about many areas in your life, and how your choices and decisions may affect them: social life, career, family, relationship, money, health, learning, etc.

2. Self-reflection and self-awareness

Since the I Ching is a symbolic tool, it can help dig deep into how our unconscious works. The I Ching can help shed light to the things that we still find hard to understand in ourselves. It may reveal deeper motivations, clarify personal perceptions and create meaningful connections about yourself and about how you live your life with others and in the world.

I Ching can be a beneficial tool to augment your inner work processes, be that as personal healing, soul-searching, finding one’s purpose, spiritual journey, or creative work.

3. Philosophical study

The philosophies of Confucius and Lao Tzu, whose works are still equally influential in Chinese thought, were born out of their consultation with the I Ching. Today, I Ching can be used as a safe and empowering tool to deeply explore life’s big questions and many areas of interest in our personal and social lives, as well in our greater world and the knowledge we have discovered as humanity.

You can ask about old and new ideas, question established concepts (which can be philosophical, political, or religious), empower your leadership, or seek profound understanding on the mysteries of life.

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