Clear and Exact. 

I have read the I Ching for more than a hundred people to help them in their personal decisions and concerns. And I have repeatedly seen how they got surprised, eyes lit up or felt calm after learning those insightful answers the I Ching revealed to them. Yes, answers came to them clear and exact.

Why is it so? How does a 3,000 year-old text, almost gibberish when read alone, provide the most personal answers? No wonder it has reached its classic status, and drawn people from diverse backgrounds. Perhaps because of the universal and spiritual qualities behind it, how some of fundamental principles are at work, and the personal benefits it gives to help people transform the way they find solutions to the questions significant in their lives.

Contrary to popular belief, I Ching is NOT fortune-telling. It does not tell your future, but instead it empowers you to take full responsibility of your life, your choices, and your decisions, so you can take opportunities and create your possibilities with greater clarity and confidence. In that way, you’ll know how to shape the future you want to create.

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