If you are making a very difficult personal decision, then please read on.

And maybe you’ve already said these words:

“Ang hirap namang pumilì!”

Are you overwhelmed by too many CONFUSING CHOICES?
You’re deciding on your best choice, but other good choices have their own advantages. If only you can choose them all, but you can’t.

“Wala yata akong mapagpilian!”

Are you left with two or more BAD CHOICES?
You’re now forced to choose, trying to think which one is the lesser evil. You are left with no other better choices. You don’t have any choice at all.

“Lalo akong naguluhan!”

Do you get CONFLICTING ADVICES from family members and friends?
You love them and you listen to their suggestions. But while they have best intentions for you, they can also be biased, well-meaning and controlling over your decisions.

“Di pa ako handa ngayon!”

Are you mentally PRESSURED because you have to decide ASAP?
Your time is ticking, and you still need to give your final decision. Other people are waiting for you to decide, and it adds more to the stress. You want to take your time to think and reflect, but you don’t have enough.

“Hindi kasi siya basta-basta!”

Is your decision too COMPLICATED?
You have a lot of things to consider: some people you know can be affected, hidden issues you haven’t expected, and struggle with personal dilemma or contradicting values.

“Wala na kasing atrasan pag itinuloy ko!”

Is it too RISKY for you?
You don’t want to waste your effort and time. Worse, you don’t want too lose money and opportunity. You want to be certain if pushing through your decision is really worth it.

“Baka pumalpak na naman ako!”

Are you afraid of making a BIG MISTAKE?
You’ve made some mistakes in the past, and you don’t like to repeat them this time. You don’t want to regret your decision, so you want to be really sure.

“Nagdadalawang-isip ako!”

Are you still UNDECIDED for some reason?
You don’t exactly know what holds you back in taking a courage to decide. Maybe you’re afraid of making a decision. Or you feel you are not confident enough. Or you need more time to sort things out.

If you said YES to any of these, then you often feel that decision-making is a HARD mental and emotional effort.

That’s a TRIPLE WHAMMY! Problem 1 is how to solve your problem. Problem 2 is how to make a decision to solve the problem. Problem 3 is how to feel at peace with your decision.

And when you ignore or escape decision making, delay or rush it, or pass it to someone else, that’s when a lot of problems around that decision crop up.

Parang domino effect lang. Mas lalo pang lumalalâ!

Hindi ka pa rin kampante: You still overthink and feel uneasy even after making decision. It always happens again and again.

Parang kang napilitan: You are forced to make a decision or choice that you regret because of unavoidable circumstances.

Wala kang malugaran: You don’t know who to listen to. People tend to impose their own ideas and agenda instead of really giving help.

Lalo kang nauubusan ng oras: You spend more time overthinking or ignoring, that’s why you often end up making a poor and costly decision.

Maraming apektado: You encounter more situation and people issues that need more decision-making.

Maraming nasayang: You’ve lost money, time, and even somebody else’s trust because of the decision mistakes you’ve made.

Decision-making will always be life’s big challenge. Whether it is big or small, we will always make decisions, every single day of our lives.

Maybe you’ve tried a lot of decision-making methods:

◻ You’ve written diagrams like Pros and Cons, Benefits and Risks, Decision Tree, and SWOT Analysis. They are good decision tools that help you think and analyze your situation.

◻ You’ve also consulted people who are trustworthy, knowledgeable and reliable enough to give an outsider perspective. They have helped and guided you to become less emotional and more objective.

◻ You’ve tried also some out-of-the-box tools like Tarot and oracle cards. These tools help you see your situation spiritually and go more for the intuitive and gut feel.

How about combining analysis, consultation and intuition into one decision-making session?

Let me help you turn your decision-making process into a well-being experience.

Here is what you will experience
in a decision-making session:

Decision-making as your quick spiritual retreat: I’ll help you become more in touch with your inner peace, quiet, and calm. Less mental and emotional pressure helps a lot in making clearer decisions.

Decision-making as a creativity exercise: I’ll guide you in tapping your creative imagination through deep meanings of words and symbols. Creative decision-making leads to creative answers and solutions.

Decision-making as a meaningful conversation: I’ll engage you in a safe, positive and nonjudgmental space of sharing stories and ideas, to help you develop and connect new decision insights.

There is actually a 3,500-year-old method to do this kind of decision-making process. I have been helping people make decisions using this method for nearly six (6) years now. And those who have experienced the method have expressed so much relief:

🤍 “Nakakahinga na rin ako nang maluwag!” Because decision-making doesn’t have to be stressful and intense.

🤍 “Alam ko na ang gagawin ko.” Because decision-making is deep, inner knowing and confidence of taking the right action.

🤍 “Para akong nabunutan ng tinik.” Because decision-making has to free the mind and heart from past worries and future anxieties.

🤍 “Nalinawan na ako.” Because decision-making can be a refreshing experience of mental clarity.

You can also have the same opportunity to experience this decision-making process, using the ancient system I just mentioned.

This decision-making method is based on an ancient Chinese text called Yijing (also spelled I Ching) which literally means “The Book of Change”

Song Dynasty cosmologist Shao Yong created this Former Heaven Chart. This I Ching diagram was handed by French Jesuit priest and sinologist Fr. Joachim Bouvet to his friend, the German mathematician Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, who found the diagram as a confirmation of his Binary system.

Why does the Yijing work?

Yijing is based on observable dynamics of Yin and Yang, the ultimate principal opposites that are also at play in your decision. The answer you get is a reminder to find balance in your actions.

Yijing is has 8 nature symbols and 64 archetypes of Change, all of which can reveal specific change that influence your situation, and exact wise steps to respond to it.

Yijing has 4,096 uniquely combined insights and you’ll be surprised how getting one random insight out of many becomes a CLEAR and EXACT answer to your decision-making question.

Yijing helps you answer these concerns:

Decision Review. When you’ve already made a decision and you want some peace of mind if you really made the right one.

Action Clarity. When you want to make sure you are taking the right action in a particular decision.

Critical Choice. When you need to make the most difficult choice in your life, and clear the dilemma that holds you back.

Practical Choice. When you are choosing between two or more options that would give the most practical value and usefulness.

Emotional Guidance. When you want to make sense what emotions you feel, why you feel them, and how to respond to them.

Communication Guidance. When you want to know what and how you are going to communicate something to someone.

Career Guidance. When you are trying to figure out your next career move, whether resigning from your job or getting a new one.

Relationship Guidance. When you are trying your best to deal with your relationship challenges with a particular person.

Character Review. When you want to get to know a person you have just met, or someone you only know on the surface.

Life Direction. When you are in the search for a new path to find your sense of purpose and forge your sense of meaning.

Inner Work. When you are into the process of developing self-awareness, nurturing your well-being and deepening your spirituality.

If you want to learn more about the basics of the Yijing, you can watch the Yijing 101 video below.

Whatever decision you are making, let me help you make them through a decision-making session I call…

What happens in a Yijing Decision Clinic session?

💡 Step 1 INQUIRY: We will start by clearing, relaxing and opening your mind and heart, then I’ll help you clarify and extract your real question.

💡 Step 2 CASTING: We will randomly get your exact insight using a randomizing method. This makes your reading free from personal bias.

💡 Step 3 READING: We will document the insight and visualize its specific parts and their relevance to your decision-making.

💡 Step 4 INTERPRETATION: We will look into specific texts and images and unpack their hidden meanings.

💡 Step 5 FEEDBACK: We will process those meanings and clarify their connections to answer your decision-making question.

Experience a Yijing Decision Clinic session

Here are what many satisfied clients say about their Yijing Decision Clinic experience:

“Because it was so accurate. As in sobra! I didn’t expect na ganun ‘yung lalabas sa reading and it was a big help for us especially on what’s happening right now. Thankful ako sobra!”

– Lana and Jherson Jaya, vloggers at The House of Jaya

“When I experienced Yijing myself, I was amazed at how ON POINT the message was. Rem’s reading speaks to me as if it had known my journey through these years. The meanings, words, and messages that unfolded are both spiritual and practical.”

– Kate, university professor

I had goosebumps the entire time while doing this!

– Joanne, IT executive

“At first I was pessimistic on what I Ching is about, but after the session, I think there’s a good chance I will be doing it again. The “synchronicities” are so surreal that I think the universe has aligned for us to have this session. Namaste, Rem!”

– Aris, architect

Bakit exact ang mga sagot?

– Divine, athlete and mom

Rem is a very good listener and a patient reader – two qualities that are crucial to the vocation that he has chosen for himself. His sincerity to help bring light to another’s dilemma is also a very important ingredient.”

– Aimee, freelance writer

“…a I Ching reading session with Rem whom I have never seen for a demi-decade led to my intrapersonal exploration that paved the way for profound and innermost clarity…”

– Glenn, language specialist

“Even though I felt like I asked a general and safe question, I was so amazed how the reading perfectly described the details of the thoughts in my mind and the circumstances in my present situation.”

– Care, healer and homeopath

“It resonated with me. I know I felt it in my heart. Every line on it! Thank you so much!”

– Ara Ti, spiritual practitioner

I know I have been guided by spiritual guides when it comes to decision making but learning the output from this session has even validated that I am on the right path. The results are amazing and I love all the symbolism used in this method. It also made me reflect on my own and visualize.”

– Jegs, nature photographer

“I’m less familiar with Yijing as a divination tool than the others…but wow the insight is really uncanny!”

– Janelle, meditator

“Rem was able to ACCURATELY (still gives me the chills really..) bridge the gap between my inner psyche and my external world. He even mentioned words that I have been writing on my daily affirmation and symbols/signs I’ve been manifesting prior to the reading.
ABSOLUTELY mind blown. Thanks again Rem! My cosmic bank will credit you with abundance and good karma.”

– Sarah, entrepreneur

“This year, I had to make a decision that had a huge impact on my career as a nurse-midwife. Kuya Rem gave me a reading that basically guided me on how to achieve my goals. His readings were very detailed, easy to understand, and relatable to what I was going through. I highly recommend him!”

– Aya, nurse and midwife

“I thank Rem for introducing me to the I Ching method. The process was thorough and very relatable. It helped me understand myself better and what I was going through. It also gave me tools to help me make important decisions in the future. I would recommend it to everyone.”

– May, financial advisor

“Rem’s extensive experience in listening and counseling makes the I Ching alive and relevant, something that people will be needing to accept/resolve/adapt to the complications hounding society nowadays. It is amazing how an ancient tool developed through time can still be an effective “medicine” to body-soul-spirit ailments plaguing most of us. Thanks Rem! We are blessed by the gift God gave you through I Ching! More power!

– Bingbing, musician and community worker

“I am most grateful for the private session last night and have another Yijing reading with you. Looking forward to more.”

…It has always been insightful and refreshing. It gives me the energy of empowerment and creating my life, rather than dictating conclusions or answers of what I “should” be or do. It has provided me with a great sense of clarity and now, I’m enjoying so much space in my world. How does it get any better?”

– Gian, nurse and healer

“He has this rare gift of explaining the I Ching’s message in the language of your own faith, culture, and context. He meets you where you are.”

– Noemi, writer and media specialist

“The I Ching is the voice of the spirit’s wisdom within.”

– Rev. Florence Monzon, Unity minister

And if you feel dissatisfied over your reading, or you think it’s less accurate, don’t worry, your reading is FREE. You’ll get your money back.

Want to try a Yijing Decision Clinic session?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Hula-hula ba yan?
No, not even close. Yijing is based on observable and scientific principles found in nature that accurately connect and reveal in human behavior and action. It is a very useful tool or framework to guide anyone in clear and confident decision-making.

Q: Malalaman ko ba kung suwerte ako?
Sorry, but Yijing is NOT fortune-telling. Instead, it reveals insightful instructions on how you can take responsibility over your decisions, directions and destinies. Yijing shows you the way to harmony, but you still have the choice whether to follow or ignore it. Your choice, as always, is what gives you fortune or misfortune.

Q: Feng shui ba siya?
Ah, Yijing is NOT Feng Shui. They share similar symbols because the bagua (the red octagon shape you see hanging on front doors) is used in Yijing. But Yijing is a much older system. In fact, it is the original basis of FS. While Yijing is a decision-making system, FS is a system of harmonizing the flow of energy in places and structures.

Q: Iba pa ba ‘yan sa Tarot?
Yes. Originally from Italy, Tarot uses a card deck filled with symbolic images. Yijing is an ancient Chinese book, and readings are done using randomizers such as coins and sticks. While both methods help you access inner clarity and insights to your questions, Yijing uses not just images, but abstract lines, symbolic myths and stories, and ancient poetic texts to reveal the answers you need. And you can always come back and review your reading, as Yijing readings are always documented.

Q: Kailangan ko bang sabihin ang tanong ko?
You don’t have to if you feel uncomfortable. After all, I have given readings to clients who chose not to reveal their questions, and they are so amazed on how the reading revealed their intentions. But if you do, I assure you that I will always keep your question safe and private. You can also anonymize your question – it means you can ask your question but you don’t need to disclose any names and identifying details.

Q: Sumasagot ba siya ng YES/NO?
Yes, it does. What Yijing usually reveals is a series of exact words or phrases to confirm the answer and support the conditions for a yes/no response.

Q: Hindi ba kontra yan sa religion ko?
No, it’s not, and it won’t be. Yijing is based on understanding various phenomena in nature (like opposites, heat and cold) and how they change into different states (like 4 seasons). In Yijing, nature and changes are always connected with our human affairs. What the Yijing system does is to reveal this connection and gain insight so our decisions are in harmony with the Universe. Yijing won’t convert you to any religion. Instead, it converts your mind from uncertainty to clarity.

Ready to get a Yijing Decision Clinic session?

About Rem

My name is Rem Tanauan, and I am a decision-making coach. I have been practicing Yijing for almost 6 years. I have self-studied Yijing since 2015, and I took up Yijing Foundation Course and Reading for Others under Yìjing teacher Hilary Barrett of onlineclarity.co.uk. I have also completed 3 Yijing workshops – Power of Hexagrams, Mystery of the Text, and Heluo Lishu (Life Hexagrams) from independent Yijing scholar and researcher Harmen Mesker. I have estimated that I did over 3,000 readings in the last 6 years.

What’s unique in my work?

Is it your first time to hear about the Yijing? This is a good start. While Yijing is also practiced with Feng Shui or Bazi (Chinese astrology), the approach is often through xiangshu (image and numbers), which needs complex calculations.

My practice, on the other hand, is called yili (meaning and principle), which follows the same approach used by the great psychologist Carl Jung. Jung coined the term synchronicity later in his life, developing the theory of meaningful coincidence inspired by his 30-year Yijing practice.

When needed, I support my readings with refreshing and liberating insights from another ancient and spiritual text called Taoteching, which I translated in Filipino.

Each reading I give is also deeply inspired by my gift as a poet and as a word intuitive (my ability to discern synchronistic messages hidden within words), as well as my training as a Ginhawa facilitator (using spirituality and creativity for well-being) and as an Art of Hosting practitioner (the practice of holding space and hosting meaningful conversations)

Check out my interviews at Monster RX 93.1:

I have also facilitated the following workshops/sessions:

  • Tarot and I Ching: Archetypes of Ancient Oracles – with Belai Gruenberg, March 2019
  • Embracing Change: Clarifying Well-being Goals through I Ching, March 2016
  • Sounds of Change with Cris Garcimo, Feb 2021

Let me help you on your decision-making

This Yijing Decision Clinic session is NOT for you…

if you seek answers on how to harm or hurt others (it would surely bounce back to you)

if you want to get around with any unethical or corrupt scheme (again, what goes around, comes around)

if you want to decide for other people (We can’t do this, just as we don’t want others to control our decisions for us)

if you are not serious and ready enough in making a decision or tough choices

if you only want someone to tell you what to do and put the blame on them later. (Nobody is responsible for your decision except you)

if you only expect certain answers you want to hear (You won’t get any, and Yijing will only disappoint you)

if your mind and heart are not open enough (Any session will confuse you and it will only be a waste of time for both of us)

if you think Yijing is like a fortune cookie (Sorry, but it does not tell you your fortune)

if you feel Yijing does not fit your religious beliefs (It is best we can respect each other’s sensibility)

Kung buo ang loob mo at bukas ang isip at puso mo, Yijing will reveal you mind-blowing answers you need for any serious inquiry you have.


[Do you still have more questions about Yijing?
Email me at rem@iching.ph or ask me here]