How does Yijing accurately reveal EVERYTHING about your love life?

What exactly is

Yijing Relationship Readings is a specialized reading service that focuses on Love and Relationship as the main life area, to bring the clarity you need in your relationship concerns, issues, questions, and solutions.

Who can benefit FROM these readings?

This reading service is for YOU who seriously want to learn MORE, BETTER and DEEPER about your own love life and romantic relationship, whether you are SINGLE (and still waiting for the right “one”) or COMMITTED (and want to make the best out of it). Age – and gender – don’t really matter for you who still believe in romantic love.

This is for you if you are…

Single andCommitted and
…you’re not sure to commit…it’s too complicated
…you never had a relationship…it has just started recently
…you’re unsure of your prospect…you’re soon to get married
…you’re actively dating…you’re happily married
…you’re still heartbroken…you’re always in conflict
…you’re trying to move on…you’re trying to make it work
…you’re happy being one…you’re wanting to end

Why receive a Yijing Relationship Reading?

* Because you’ve been struggling in romantic relationship for years
* Because you have it all, EXCEPT love life (and time to change that)
* Because you’ve never had a relationship reading as detailed, as accurate and as mind-blowing as this.
* Because you want to be mentally, emotionally and spiritually tuned-up IN, BEFORE or AFTER a relationship


Yijing Relationship Reading is designed as an ultra-specific, deep dive reading (as opposed to general readings). While detailed general readings reveal only 20 reading insights, Yijing Relationship Reading can reveal up to more than 200 relationship insights, covering your past, present and future relationship situations. We will explore and answer these aspects of relationship :

Your current relationship journey

  • Relationship situation (big picture and small details)
  • Relationship perspectives (or angles you don’t see)
  • Relationship timeline (past, present and future)

What strengthens or weakens your relationship

  • Relationship milestones (what you’ve journeyed so far)
  • Relationship patterns (renewing and breaking them)
  • Relationship dynamics (with or without a partner)

What makes your relationship too difficult

  • Relationship issues (and they keep on repeating)
  • Relationship obstacles (which stops you to do better)
  • Relationship challenges (that are often hard to resolve)

What works in your relationship

  • Relationship compatibilities (match and mismatch)
  • Relationship values (shared and/or personal)
  • Relationship factors (affecting you and people involved)

What grows and enriches your relationship

  • Relationship growth (growing both inside and outside)
  • Relationship decisions (made before and still being made)
  • Relationship choices (critical and practical ones)

How you respond in a relationship

  • Relationship action (the best and wisest steps you can take)
  • Relationship solutions (to resolve your existing problems)
  • Relationship intentions (to shape the relationship you want)

We will DISCOVER and ANSWER all these details in this session.
You’ll be surprised how all of them ARE REVEALED in just ONE (1) reading.

And we can touch specific themes that you want to have clarity:

  • Dating
  • Getting To Know
  • Getting Engaged
  • Getting Married
  • Communication and Conflict
  • Sex and Intimacy
  • Separation
  • Heartbreak
  • Moving On
  • Ideal Partner
  • Companionship
  • Soulmates

How long?

2 hours to 2.5 hours (120 minutes to 150 minutes) PER session
For couples, one (1) session for each partner
+ 40-minute synthesis session for the couple

How much?

SOLOFilipino client: PHP 4,998
International client: USD 110
COUPLEFilipino client: PHP 9,998
International client: USD 205

What Clients Say

Ang galing! Kasi gaya ng sabi ko sa’yo na ‘oo, ganyan yung nararamdaman ko’…sumasakto talaga siya…since this is the first time naman na natry ko ito, natutuwa ako o naamaze ako na sumasakto sa akin. Tapos you naman as the reader, magaling din kasi you’re able to explain well…especially this type of reading na very foreign to a lot of mas naeexplain mo kasi. Parang part-by-part ine-explain mo kung anong ibig sabihin nito. Kumbaga nae-explain mo sa querent…in layman’s terms, na naiintidihan namin…saka nagko-connect talaga siya.

– Arcy*, mother and intuitive (Check her reading here)

Enlightening! Na-focus sa session na ito yung sa tingin ko rin na pinakaimportante. Nabigyan ng liwanag ngayon, nabigyan ng linaw. Wow! Ito na rin talaga yung avenue for me to take action, to help me make my decision what to address. Sobrang thankful talaga ako, Rem! Naenjoy ko siya, very helpful, very insightful!

– Annie*, graduate student

*Not their real names, so as to protect their privacy.

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About Rem

My name is Rem Tanauan, and I am a decision-making coach. I have been practicing Yijing for almost 6 years, using it to help friends and clients solve their toughest life situations, decisions, and choices by helping them find the clarity they need. Long before doing the Yijing, I am known as a Love teacher, (yes, with the capital L) and I teach people, mostly youth, on the spiritual practice of Love. (I still conduct retreats and talks, let me know) You can check my old (raw, unedited) blog here.

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